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The Pinnacle Process

Awareness + Alignment = Altitude

Phase 1 – Awareness
The best and only place to start is with you, and within you.  How well do you really know yourself? During the initial awareness phase of the Pinnacle Process, we listen to you through one-on- one discussion. Pinnacle coaches use the Level Three Listening technique to hear what is not being said to pick up the subtleties behind the words spoken.  With tools like questionnaires, interviews and assessments we add scientific information to our awareness assessment to gain a wider and deeper view. Plus we gain even more depth by surveying people you know.

Together, we look carefully at all the data and use this vital information to create a 360-degree view of your assets and areas to improve. It’s always surprising and interesting to discover strengths you may not have recognized and areas of improvement that may be easier to address than you thought.

Phase 2 – Alignment
Once we have a wealth of information, we create a personalized success plan. Everyone’s definition of success is different and the plan to get there will be equally different.  There’s no one way to get to your goal, it’s about learning and managing the change.  

Most journeys don’t go in a straight line - there are twists and turns along the way – making it a process and not just a checklist.  With the Pinnacle Process, we are there with you every step – and every detour – along the way.  

Phase 3 – Altitude
Results are important.  It’s a measure of the success plan and your growth.  But it’s also a chance to review what’s been accomplished and keep flying high.  That’s when you really get Altitude – that above the craziness view that allows you to move with ease and achieve.


Judi Glova1

“I believe that it’s important to think strategically so that when you focus on ‘what you want’ how to get there is effortless.  We get to the underlying issues quickly to help create the plan and get focused on the future.  I help support my clients to step out of their comfort zone and discover success in ways they may have never before imagined.” - Judi Glova

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