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The best way to learn about Pinnacle Coaching is to hear from our clients.  Each has different goals and different personalities, but all have found a path to success that worked for them.  A client has to be open to the process and have the courage to be self-reflective.  Most share an ambition “to be different” and to re-define success and their career trajectory.  The best way to know if you are ready is contact us for a discussion about goals and next steps.

*Note:  All individuals who have provided testimonials are available for reference upon request and as appropriate.


Biotech CEO - "Over the past three years I’ve worked with Judi and her team to create a more cross-functional and cross-geographical culture between our five international sites..." Learn more...

Automotive Industry Executive"Judi is my go-to-person when I need to bring my team’s leadership skill to the next level and we co-create the best program so there are no surprises..." Learn more...

PR Executive in NYC - "I would say that Judi has a very forthright but charming style so when she kicks my butt in the nicest way it keeps me accountable and takes my strategic thinking to a new level..." Learn more...

Entrepreneur - "Since I’ve worked with Judi, I have a new appreciation for setting goals, nearly doubled my six-figure income, and diversified my client base..."Learn more...


Judi Glova1

“After many years in the corporate world, I left to pursue my own dream of entrepreneurship.  I took the skills that made me successful – listening, mentoring, accountability and creativity – and found a rewarding career helping others do the same.” - Judi Glova

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Email: infodesk@pinnacle-coach.com~ Phone: (908)391-4261                                    Linked In: judiglova Twitter: pinnacle_coach Facebook: 274706492571516