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A Conversation about Coaching With Pinnacle President, Judi Glova

Q    Who can benefit from coaching?
A    Anyone can benefit from coaching! My specialty is working with high-achieving, high-aspiring individuals and teams who desire to shift their game to be bigger, better and more effective in work – and in life.

Q   Do you work only with individuals?
A   My clients include businesses and individuals. Some are entrepreneurs who own their own companies and those who are still in the “dreaming” stage.  Other clients are in the corporate arena – mid-managers to CEOs. They may be seeking to enhance, expand or change their career focus. All my clients have one thing in common: They aspire to play a bigger game – in whatever way resonates for them.

Q    How do you work with companies or corporate teams?
A    The process and approach to companies and corporate teams is similar to that for individuals and it’s customized for each team.  I develop specialized plans for business teams and or individuals within teams. Programs can be for a company either as a one-time event or on-going program to reach a defined goal.

Q   How do you coach people?
  The Pinnacle Process can be compared to visiting a doctor. First, we conduct the “diagnostic tests”, and then we review the data to determine the correct diagnosis after which we develop a “treatment program” - an action plan - to reach a predefined goal, the cure. For more on The Pinnacle Process, click here. To me awareness plus alignment results in altitude.

Q    How long does the process take?
A    Each person’s journey is different. Some people come to Pinnacle with a very specific goal and that’s exactly what we eventually work toward. Others have a less well-defined path and it becomes clearer through the coaching process. One thing is true in each journey – there will be bends in the road or side journeys. It’s important for people to understand that and relish the twists and turns their journey will include.

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“I show business executives how to gain altitude, play nice in the corporate sandbox, transition into bigger playgrounds and shift attitudes of themselves and the people around them.” - Judi Glova

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