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What’s the ultimate advantage in business and life?

It’s having altitude - that level of consciousness and clarity that allows you to anticipate the road ahead.
The New Business Reality
The ever-increasing uncertainty, volatility and complexity of today’s world calls for a transformation from playing it safe to taking calculated risks; from reacting to responding; and from ego-management to eco-leadership, from chaos to clarity. It’s where your Altitude of Leadership exists – the clarity above the distractions, ability to co-create, experience inner ascension and trust.

Today, this leadership advantage goes to the people who are most aware of their true self.  When you know your essence and can achieve alignment with others then you can work with people from differing positions, backgrounds and locations effortlessly.  You achieve synergistic outcomes above and beyond what you can achieve alone or in groups.  All of this takes place because of an inner understanding—rather than an outer one.  It’s based on relationships – with yourself first and then others – embracing the new world currency of trust. You don’t see boundaries as barriers… you see them as potential bridges.

Executives, entrepreneurs and influencers realize that co-creation and innovation are not nice-to-haves but MUST-HAVES in business today.  If you are not growing then you are shrinking. 97% of senior executives describe the drive for innovation as the trend having the most important impact on their organization strategy for the next 5 years [White Paper: Boundary Spanning Leadership:Mission Critical Perspectives from the Executive Suite, Center for Creative Leadership, 2009].  The ability to tap into diverse expertise and insights to achieve breakthrough results is the linchpin to discovering game-changer innovations.

This requires new tools and skills…which we describe as Altitude of Leadership.

How do you achieve Altitude of Leadership?  Awareness> Alignment> Altitude


Judi Glova1

“I show business executives how to gain altitude, play nice in the corporate sandbox, transition into bigger playgrounds and shift attitudes of themselves and the people around them.” - Judi Glova

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